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In the city where outlets are open even at the darkest of hour, what is it that makes yours stand out of the crowd? The way you display what you have to offer.
In an era where technology has seeped into every aspect of everyday life, what better way to advertise a company than to use LED Sign boards? Having replaced the basic models of metal and steel boards, they are cost effective, environment-friendly and last much longer than boards which use incandescent bulbs that run out in just 30 days from installation. The average life of an LED bulb is 11 years.

What are LED Sign boards and How do they make one stand out?

Led Signboards, made by LED sign manufacturers and suppliers, are flat panels that use small bulbs called LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to display messages and text. Due their stand-out quality of brightness, they are being used for traffic alerts, destination signs public transport and for advertising.
Nowadays, LED lights have become more popular with people as they are more attractive and easily detectable. People are more drawn to the eye-catching advertisements displayed via various flashy designs displayed on such LED sign boards.

What is the status of its development in India?

The Indian government has shown its support to the use of LEDs by distributing them at a lesser rate throughout the nation. Due to this initiative, states like Uttar Pradesh and Orissa have managed to advertising and emerge successful as LED sign display manufacturers in India. In metropolitan areas like Delhi, companies like BSES have shown their support of LED usage by distributing them in lakhs at a lesser price.
Seeing LED Display boards has slowly become an everyday sight as people in India have started to adapt them as modern and more profitable methods of advertising. Several big industries have addressed their interest in this sector which seems to hold large scopes of development.

What is their stance in the city that never sleeps?

20,23,11,748- that’s the total number of LED’s distributed in India as of 24th January 2017, and 8,06,658 are from Mumbai. These numbers show the awareness people have and their willingness to change to a solution that is more beneficial than others. In the city when establishments are open 24/7 and people never sleep, LED display boards suppliers in Maharashtra like Jamir Arts play a major role in helping brands publicize their newest products and communicate to their target audience. It is renowned for promoting major labels and business via both their monochromatic and standard LED sign screen manufacturing throughout Mumbai.

The Right People

Any organization would only want the best for promoting itself. In the case of LED Signs, the best would be defined as low maintenance and cost-effective signs with stellar quality. Recognized for incorporating both class and quality into their products, well-established clientele and authentic resources, Jamir Arts are the go-to people for LED sign and Displays.
Known for their excellent customer service, acclaimed quality of their product and having been in the market since 1966, Jamir Arts, has established itself in the business of LED Signboard Manufacturing in Mumbai.

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